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  • Hours: 7 Days a week from 10-00 am to 6-00 pm

There are three ways that you can leverage and capitalize on our marketing campaigns, product development, and brand & identity positioning. You could easily sell our products. Let us send customers who wish to buy from physical stores to your location.

  • Register as affiliate and use the social media platform to introduce customers to us and get 5% off on all their online orders
  • You can be a reseller and buy bulk for as much as 30% discount on selected products, depending on the purchase volume
  • Or you can open a franchise in your area

We welcome individuals and entities who are intending to carry our products. We can offer you bulk/wholesale pricing.

For the past few months, we have been getting more and more inquiries about physical outlets in some areas. So we finally decided to open our business for franchising opportunity to those who are similarly business minded as we are and as dedicated as we are in promoting healthy, quality and authentic products for the benefit of our loyal customers.

Aside from carrying trusted, familiar, consumer and specialty dietary supplements, what sets us apart is our capacity to offer the market with specialized essential supplements in liquid and traditional capsule, softgel, tablet forms. Meaning, we have products that are specially manufactured for us, products that are made in the USA, products that are manufactured in cGMP certified facilities, products that cannot be bought anywhere else.

What sets us apart even further is our professional background, our collective industry experience in setting up businesses, building IT and technology infrastructure, accounting, regulatory compliance and most importantly, running operations efficiently. We offer wisdom, guidance and knowledge, these are intangible assets that are readily available to you whenever you or your managers need them.

If you are interested in becoming one of our outlets in your location, we need to work hand in hand in studying the feasibility and viability of the business in your location, and we need a few essential things for us to start this process. Let’s start by using contact form below and submit your information to us.

Should we feel that we can work with you successfully, we shall contact you, arrange a meeting in your location and present the business plan and franchise disclosure agreement with you.

Once we iron out the commercial aspect of the franchise agreement and fees are paid, we can then proceed to set-up your business, get the word out by initiating our marketing plans, hire and train you and your staff. We will be honored to attend your grand opening after everything is complete.

So what do you get when you open a retail outlet as a franchisee?

Use of our trade name, trade marks, licenses to distribute our products, marketing campaign, signage, packaging, business collateral, training, product understanding, operations manual, systems manual and infrastructure, initial product inventory and assistance.

You will also serve as a dropship location for online customers in your area. This means that any orders placed online from customers in your area will be considered as your sale, and therefore, you will be fulfilling those orders as they come to your store, or by shipping to them depending on how they want to acquire the products.

Estimated capital outlay is between P520K to as much as over 1M depending on your intended size. This estimate is already inclusive of the franchise fee, point of sale, IT and productivity systems, and accounting & inventory management system.

Our royalty fee is only 6% of your gross sales. We will exclusively supply your inventory.

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